About us

Pemimpi is an Australian based sustainable and ethical fashion label. Pemimpi is founded by Jesslin Guvani. Jesslin was born and raised in Indonesia and has lived in Melbourne for the past five years. Starting her career as a paralegal in one of Jakarta's top law firms, she realised she wanted to shift gears and pursue her dreams. She decided to move to Melbourne and study Fashion Business at RMIT. After a long winded road, Jesslin has found a way to bring her passion and creativity to life.

The word originates from the Indonesian language, meaning “dreamer”. This label is the fruit of a life-long dream that has come to life. At Pemimpi, we believe in building a mindful and compassionate brand. 

We are mindful in our designs, making sure it remains seasonless and not trend-driven. We are mindful in our sourcing, using only natural fibres/materials, where possible, incorporating recycled materials. 

We are mindful of how we do business, holding ourselves accountable and ensuring we treat our partners and makers with respect. This means paying a fair wage.

This collection has been designed, sourced, and made in Victoria, Australia. We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint but also supporting other Australian businesses. For more information on our partners, see here: https://www.pemimpithelabel.com/pages/our-partners

We don’t want to be just another fashion brand, we want to make sure that what we put out is a high quality, sincere, genuine, and thoughtful product that would add value to the lives of the people who invest in them. 

Our dream is to see more players in the fashion industry be more aware of the environmental and social impacts of the products we make that being a sustainable and ethical fashion label is no longer the exception but the norm.